overcome learning disabilities

Running out of options for your child?

  • Are you a stay-at-home mom with an elementary-aged child who is struggling with reading and falling behind in private school?

  • Are you losing sleep worrying that your child will be asked not to return to school next year—or won’t be able to get into the right school?

  • Have you tried lots of other programs, done the GAPS diet or gone gluten-free and dairy-free and your child is still falling behind?

  • Have you been told your child has convergence or primitive reflex issues (Moro, ATNR, STNR) and no one in your area specializes in that?

    At Brain Fitness Strategies we have clients all over the world who had the same challenges as you—but now their kids are thriving. We’ve got a proven step-by-step neurodevelopmental movement program that increases reading speed, boosts focus, decreases homework time, and lowers anxiety.

    You can get started right away by scheduling a complimentary assessment—directly with neurodevelopmental specialist Susan Phariss—to see if your child qualifies for our private coaching program.

    Use our form to tell us more about your child’s challenges and we’ll get you scheduled for your free assessment. Let’s get started!

Your child can’t afford to wait any longer.


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